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Rocky V - Take You Back | The Rocky Podcast

Episode Summary

Duan and GG are back together again with a new project, which is a nine episode miniseries in the Fight Game Podcast feed on the Rocky films. The fifth episode of The Rocky Podcast is on the fifth film in the series and is titled Rocky V - Take You Back.

Episode Notes

Duan and GG are co-hosts of a nine episode miniseries called The Rocky Podcast where they review every single Rocky movie in heavy detail. They discuss their favorite scenes and quotes. They talk about the music, the boxing, and the montages. They ask questions about the film, go over facts about the making of, discuss their pet peeves, and then finally give their MVP of each movie.

Next up is the fifth film in the series from 1990. It's episode five of the Rocky Podcast, Rocky V - Take You Back.

(The Rocky Podcast will be right in the same feed as the Fight Game Podcast.)

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