The Fight Game Podcast

Jon Moxley On UFC 253, What He Loves About MMA, Bloodsport, & More

Episode Summary

This is a special episode of the Fight Game Podcast. AEW World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley joins to talk UFC 253 and a lot more.

Episode Notes

Justin Knipper and GG invite AEW World Heavyweight champion Jon Moxley to the Fight Game Podcast.

Moxley talks about his MMA fandom. (2:30)

Thoughts on  Michael Chandler should face in his first UFC fight. (10:15)

Dream fights. (25:15)

Discussion about the last UFC on ESPN+ show featuring Woodley and Covington in the main event. (34:25)

John answers the Bet Online Pro Wrestling question of the night. (53:00)

We preview UFC 253. (1:02:55)

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