The Fight Game Podcast

Antonio "The Promise" Thomas & We Want Flair Season Finale with John LaRocca & Dave Meltzer

Episode Summary

GG talks to Antonio "The Promise" Thomas about the current wrestling culture and what needs changing. Then John LaRocca joins to go over Ric Flair vs Sting from Great American Bash 1990 for our We Want Flair season finale. And Dave Meltzer hops on for the season finale as well.

Episode Notes

GG intros the show to talk about the new Rocky Podcast coming out this week.

Antonio "The Promise" Thomas joins to talk about the wrestling culture and what needs to change in the business. (4:25)

John LaRocca joins GG for the We Want Flair season finale on Ric Flair vs Sting from the Great American Bash 1990. (32:35)

Finally, Dave Meltzer joins as well to finish off We Want Flair for the year. (1:15:45)

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